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Our work ranges from eLearning curricula to mobile apps, social campaigns, serious games and online and offline platforms. We know how to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the requirements for sustainable success. Serious and fun, clever and beautiful, solutions with human experience at the heart. With an experienced team in Amsterdam and an international network of partners worldwide, we can work on any topic in any country. As we’ve been doing since 1999.


The dynamic and fast-growing ICT sector in many emerging economies offers great job opportunities, especially for young people who grow up in the digital age. To encourage youth employment, Butterfly Works set up NairoBits in 1999. This digital design school in Nairobi was the first of many more to come. It has resulted in a network of digital design schools called "WeAreBits", where youth are trained in ICT, entrepreneurship, creative thinking and life skills.

  • Services: Technology, Innovation,
  • Output: Training institute, Digital design curriculum,
  • Themes: Youth, Creative Industry, Employment, ICT,
  • Partners: Nairobits, KampaBits, AruaBits, Indusbits EkoBits, HargaBits
  • Region: Global


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Empower Youth for Work

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