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Our work ranges from eLearning curricula to mobile apps, social campaigns, serious games and online and offline platforms.


We know how to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the requirements for sustainable success. Serious and fun, clever and beautiful, our solutions hold human experience at the heart. With an experienced team in Amsterdam and an international network of partners worldwide, we can work on any topic in any country.
And we’ve been doing this since 1999.

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Empower Youth for Work

How do you encourage young people in rural, climate-change affected areas to take control of their career paths when circumstances seem dire? Our answer: you involve them directly in designing the proposal for a programme aimed at lifting them out of poverty. In the areas of Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Indonesia where decent, paid jobs are hard to come by – for young women and men especially – we worked with Oxfam and the Ikea Foundation to lead a human-centred design workshop to draft a proposal based directly on the input from local youth. The workshop allowed us to train the proposal development team to understand design thinking concepts, human-centred tools for research and the value of end-user perspective.

  • Services: Strategic design, Design thinking training
  • Output: Programme Design
  • Themes: Youth, Entrepreneurship, Employment
  • Partners: Oxfam Novib, Ikea foundation
  • Region: Global

Empower Youth for Work

Global, Strategic design

Can't Wait to Learn

Global, Creative research

INOW eLearning

Africa, Product development

Learning about Living

Global, Product development

Happy Periods

Asia, Product development

Quality Educators for All

Africa, Product development

Activist Lab

Global, Strategic design


Africa, Design thinking training

PAYE conference

Africa, Creative research

Play and Learn with Miffy

Global, Creative research

Skillful Artisan

Middle East, Design thinking training

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