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Our work ranges from eLearning curricula to mobile apps, social campaigns, serious games and online and offline platforms.


We know how to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the requirements for sustainable success. Serious and fun, clever and beautiful, our solutions hold human experience at the heart. With an experienced team in Amsterdam and an international network of partners worldwide, we can work on any topic in any country.
And we’ve been doing this since 1999.

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Arabia Felix

To bring together the Yemeni community living with the realities of civil conflict, GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and Butterfly Works co-created Arabia Felix, a series of mobile games with a mission: to inspire peace. By completing each level in the games, players lead their countries from conflict to disarmament through entertaining quests, treasure hunts, puzzling and decision-making strategy. An active and thoroughly engaged Facebook fan page keeps the thrill alive with community members sharing videos that showcase the games, discussions about Yemeni culture and creative approaches to the rebuilding process of their country.

  • Services: Product development, Strategic design
  • Output: Game Design, Mobile Application, Game Development
  • Themes: Gender, Peace, Good Governance
  • Partners: GIZ
  • Region: Middle East

Arabia Felix

Middle East, Product development

Empower Youth for Work

Global, Strategic design


Global, Product development

Activist Lab

Global, Strategic design


Africa, Product development

Great Idea

Middle East, Product development

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